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Professional NOC Design and Implementation Consultant

NOC Designs and implementations: To go anywhere, any time, to design and build your HP Openview, BMC Patrol, IBM Tivoli, IBM Director, Computer Associates Unicenter, Micromuse Netcool, Microsoft MOM, etc. Network Operations Center NOC. I have over 25 years of remote support center and NOC design experience.

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If you go through an agency, they will Google me same as you did and then tack on another $35-$50 per hour to my rate for doing so. That's around $20k extra for a 3 Month project! For doing a Google search!?!?!?! Save yourself big bucks and deal direct.

To Software Vendors/VARs: I am always interested in new monitoring products and VARs who will offer my clients good products, prices and services. I welcome inquiries from VARs, integrators and software companies. However, I am not a VAR and have no desire to become one. One of the major benefits of hiring me is that I have no financial stake in product purchase decisions. I recommend what is best for my client, not the product that will net me the biggest commission.

Have a NOC Design or deployment project in mind?: Pretty much anyone can open up the shrink wrap on new sofware and install it. But building a proactive, responsive, professional grade Network Operations Center is a lot more than just installing software! Most high end monitoring products do very little "out of the box". Designing a NOC involves gathering requirements, negotiating and creating a design specification, establishing a methodology, policies and procedures as well as a whole lot of training. Have a look at some of the less obvious NOC design considerations and NOC design basics for more insight into just how complicated this process can be. There are only a handful of professional NOC Architects Worldwide and I believe I am the only NOC Architect in the whole wide world who works with more than one monitoring product. And I offer my services for a lot less than what VARs and Vendor professional services folks charge. Even a very modest 250 server NOC can easily run $500,000 in software alone. It only makes sense to protect that investment by hiring someone who actually knows what they are doing to build your NOC.

If project failure is okay with you,
it may not matter much who you have doing the work.

But if minimizing the risk of your Network Operations Center (NOC) initiative is important to you, you need to be talking to me!!!!

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