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  Service Availability Monitoring:
How important is it to your company?

Is stable and responsive computer server applications availability important to your company’s operations? Is it important to your customers and internal users? Downtime and poor performance affects your bottom line! Think your network is not mission critical? Try unplugging something for an hour or so and find out!


 Proactive Monitoring Solutions

Our Technicians work 7x24x365 in our Network Operations Center actively monitoring for problem symptoms before they turn into outages.

We work with your Systems Administrations Staff to understand your environment so that we can alert them of situations that are important to them.


 Customized Solutions Fit Your Company’s Needs

Vigilance Monitoring offers a wide array of monitoring services that provide as much or as little monitoring coverage as needed at very competitive prices.

We understand the IT Support business. Every Enterprise is unique.  We specialize in providing flexible, responsive, custom monitoring and event handling solutions that meet your company’s constantly changing needs.

YES! - We also build customer staffed NOCs!

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 Why Choose Vigilance?

Not all Monitoring Service Providers are the same! Learn what separates us from the others.


 The Value of Vigilance®

There are many business, economic and quality of life benefits gained by using our Enterprise monitoring services. Many are outlined HERE


 Server Monitoring

Take a look at our extensive line of computer server monitoring and network monitoring services and request a quote.


 Secure Monitoring

Our LAN, WAN, computer server, applications and network monitoring is extremely secure. We use professional grade agent based tools that were designed with security in mind!


Monitoring 101

What is proactive service availability monitoring anyway? Here is a primer on what every IT Manager needs to know about the subject. Have a look at our enterprise network:
Security White Papers


Vigilance Monitoring is a Division of Easyrider LAN Pro, established 1990.